Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chinese web-bots are downloading Little Green Footballs' site
And presumably others, as well.

The commenters dont all seem to grasp the total significance of the activities... which is, I think, "Better know the resistance" But that is just the latest in a long line of interesting facts, not the least of which is technology transfer through Clinton political Campaign contributions... but it didnt start there.

Check out the number of Chinese students and technical types just in Columbus... there's some with small tech companies with contracts to Battelle and OSU ... research type think tanks.

Truly some who must have ties to Red Army, Inc.
And I know for a fact, that the FBI is well aware... (tho how much GOOD that does is suspect)
The BRIGHT side is, however, found in the old song..."How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm...."

It's the same as my opinion on the stupid Castro embargoes... either our system can compete with any other or it cant.

I'm QUITE sure it can.

And to those Chinese info-analysts:
While they are financing our lower cost of living, with QUALITY goods (sorry to those who think otherwise but I've been around a long time)...
We are financing a slow peaceful revolution in Mao-Land by buying them.

Have fun with THAT Concept, Comrades!

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