Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump drags out the Hillary/Obama 'RESET BUTTON', says he's gonna wire it up and Libs' Heads Explode!

Recruiting his SoS from the biggest of big oil, who has lots of experience negotiating with despot Putin, is genius
God bless my Mom and Dad! Once they realized I had a thirst to read everything about the 'Real Grownup World' I could get my hands on, we got at least one paper, a weekly newsmagazine, Time and sometimes Newsweek, USNews if the price was right. Access to historical books for young adults.. the whole nine yards.
And I read them cover to cover as soon as they came. That was in the 3rd and 4th grade.
I learned how and why things happen on the International Front. Not by reading just one opinion, but ALL of them in a broad range of pubs.
I knew a LOT about the Korean war as it was going on.. why we were there. and why Truman fired MacArthur.. which amazed me cuz dad agreed 100% with Truman.. one of very few times that happened. And I established reading and learning for a lifetime.
So when I see some people who think Trumps appointment of a big international oil CEO is blatant kowtowing to Russia, I just shake my head ... there's no way you can convince people that it's a brilliant move when everything to them is ideology based..
Trump promised he would do things different that he KNEW how to negotiate.. and this proves it. If Tillerson advanced the fortunes of his old employer via negotiations, he will advance OUR fortunes by dealing with Russia in an appropriate manner.
If I have to tell you how this is gonna happen, I dont have time... just suffice it to say ..
This is REAL 'Smart Diplomacy', not just words.

And: Yes I AM smarter than most these political hacks. And I did it on my own.

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