Friday, October 26, 2012

Versailles on the Potomac

Instapundit: The Sun King

This is something that Romney and Ryan have paid very little attention to..  the lavish amounts spent on dates, parties and vacations, in the last four years, by our first couple.
- We cannot compare State Dinner expenses to Dubya's because he locked that information. And for a good reason.. so that efforts expended on one dignitary couldn't be compared to another. It's called smart diplomacy. But we know how much Obama spent on each.
- Also; Dubya didn't do that.. the Plebian! He went to Kennebunkport and Crawford or Camp David.

More, in depth:
Spending At State Dinners Soars Under Obama.

It's as if all the little people are expected to live vicariously through our Rock Star Pres and First Lady. You know.. like they do when they read about JLo and whoever else is in E! and People Mag.

via Glenn Reynolds, who always points out interesting stuff like this.

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