Friday, October 19, 2012

Secrets from the South Side of Chicago

  One of my favorite pol sites during 2008 was ''. I didnt always agree with the posts but it was pretty great to see how much I agree with a thirty some year old who is just about as different from me as you can get.
Which is to say.. Urban, Gay and black.
He'd been staunchly for Hillary as I recall but had no great love for the Democratic machine...
I have no idea how much of what I'm linking is true.. and how much is just scurrilous gossip.  But I think you can get a feel for his veracity from the comments section.  Not to mention the excellent prose in his posts.
I say again, some of the hearsay and observations he makes in the two posts I'm linking, Michael Savage might hesitate to offer.  But that doesn't make them false, either.

There is REALLY SHOCKING CONTROVERSIAL STUFF in these and I'm not about to have it searchable to my site..
But they might explain a few puzzling things.  You'll see why when you read them:

Prominent Members of Chicago Black Community Confirm: those closest to Obama know there is no second term coming

Once you finish that link, then go here, you aint read nothin' yet...

THINK SQUAD: Chicago blacks say Democrats are “clueless about how mad they’ve made black folk” in last year

 Members of the black community who are disgusted by how the Democrat Party treats blacks like animals and uses them as weapons or political pawns have formed these informal “Think Squad” groups coast to coast, which are underground salons of free thought wherever black professionals get together to talk openly about the anger black people feel about Democrats today.

As breakfast was being cleared away and we were all getting ready to leave the conversation turned toward what black preachers have been saying on Sundays about the election.  The Thinkers represented not just what’s going on here in Chicago, but what’s happening with their friends and relatives all across the country.  ”One thing you need to always remember is that black people all know each other,” a Thinker reminded me, “we all talk and have family all over so there’s a grapevine and it’s buzzing right now”.  It seems in all the states these Thinkers have friends or family black preachers really are — in subtle or obvious ways, depending on the congregation — telling the faithful that Democrats have turned against God and that the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, in particular, was an abomination.  For the last few years a realization has been building amongst black people that Democrats push abortion as a means of black population control and the abortion advocates are now being seen as virulent racists since it’s mostly black babies that are killed in the womb.

Which brings us to this on the Blaze:

Pastor Offers Fiery Rebuke of Fellow Blacks: End Your ‘Slavish Devotion to the Democrat Party’

Which can no longer be dismissed as an 'outlier' point of view.
So if you were thinking there's something just not quite right about those polls, or wonder why black Christians still put up with this.. there may be an answer coming up shortly.

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