Monday, October 08, 2012

More Gov't Stupidity - Jelly Jar Edition

It just boggles the mind that any culture would subject themselves to such self-parody. Or is it self-loathing?

EU bans Jelly Jar reuse!
- via Bishop Hill
What we have here, in case you can't at all think for yourself, are rules made up by trained academics that have no clue as to the processes involved, in what they are legislating against and who assume that the general public are all as stupid as a few are, and always have been, in reality.
How about we just put this down as a thin shell for 'Preventive Measures' against stupid people making themselves sick.
Is this what YOU want life to be like?

Maybe instead of calling it government stupidity, we should lay the blame where it belongs.. on people who vote for these pettifoggers!

More geniuses at work:

- also via Bishop Hill

That's the 'trough of green power subsidy', they're talking about.  There IS NO MONEY - and by that I mean TAX REVENUE - in green industry investment.. it's a black hole.  Check out China!
How about UK doesn't subsidize Gas development at all. Just let private funding be found.

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