Wednesday, October 17, 2012

John 'F'ing' Kerry is still a moron!

This is really on the edge of unbe-freakin'-lievable!!

Kerry Compares Benghazi Attack To 9/11

Please read the whole thing...This guy was almost our President!
Gee, I'm not a Senator or even a politician.. hell, didnt even stay at a Holiday Inn Express.. but I DO have a brain.

The Benghazi attack WAS a 9/11 attack and it was against US Sovereign territory.. and it WAS a terrorist attack -Get the Irony there, in CONTEXT of a hateful video- but that's where the similarities end.

The attack was on a building on foreign soil and easily forseeable. In fact both the Libyan govt and previous events against that buildoing and other embassies pointed out.
- The Brits had already pulled out due to attacks on them.
The Ambassador and staff knew they were at risk, unlike those who worked in and around the WTC.
That's why they begged for additional security.  Which security didnt even match that in safe European capitals. And was even less than the Twin towers had.
- The ONLY security pro who RIGHTLY considered the Towers at risk was the legendary Rick Lescorla
Kerry is blaming Republicans for the Benghazi issue because they notice it and point out the failures both intentional and accidental.

He didn't mention  how unfortunate the 'It was the Video' coverup.. or have any criticism of the false narrative his kind put up and still are trying to sell their gullible base.
- He is totally rewriting recent history that we all saw in REAL TIME!  The President covered up the failure by blaming a lousy video.. did NOT admit ANY fault until it was unavoidable.

Who is it doing the political spinning, you execrable  lying Twit

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North of 50 said...

Incredible! Maybe he thinks if he says it often enough even his own media butt-boys will believe it.