Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why are Scott Brown and his supporters such meanies!

Surely the charges about Warren's claimed indian heritage and even her disputed law practice are small potatos to the issues.

Yep... they are.  It's ridiculous. And aren't Republicans supposed to follow a higher road?

Well.. it's become apparent that doesnt work real well.  A lot of us knew that in 08.. why we really couldnt get excited over McCain who is willing to play the goat to any democrat who puts him in that position. Like Russ Feingold who suckered McCain into a campaign finance bill that did the exact opposite of what McCain thought it did.

So now some candidates are playing it smart and going Alinsky on the folks who thought they had a lock on that playbook.  Well the intellectual property copyright has expired and now we're using it too.

Identify-Isolate-Ridicule.  Especially easy when the victim doesnt expect it.

If you Dems dont like it.. tough nuggies!


Speaking of Isolate and Ridicule.. Celebrity Dumbass Quote of the Week

“Maybe he’d rather talk to me than Netanyahu. Ever think of that?” 

- Joy Behar of The View tweeting on criticism that Obama ducked talks with world leaders but always has time for talk shows

I mean.. is there currently any better example of not getting the plot?  That's exactly the point.
Compare and Contrast Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Obamas 'View' Interview: President Brushes Off Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Tough Question (VIDEO)

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North of 50 said...

Asking Barry-the-TelePrompTer any question that is mildly tough embarrasses him because he cannot successfully defend himself or his policies.

Make them stop!