Saturday, September 29, 2012

West Wing / Bartlett vs Reality / Obama: It ain't Easy being Prez

Good news... You can get the complete series set on Std DVD for $150.

Amazon - The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection (2006)

 Bad News..  Watching in real time and comparing to the Bush administration, Lefties came up with unreasonable expectations of what a 'Progressive Administration' might look like.

If you're sick of the current political environment, and wish to make a trip to the Alternative Earth, where most is goodness and light in a Progressive Democrat administration.. this is the way to go.
On the other hand, you may wish to send that $150 to President Obama's campaign, instead.
After all.. you've already sent the wedding gifts, birthday money and the $20 instead of having 'Pizza Night'.
By the way..can someone who watched every episode point out where the major media cleared their stories with the White House press office? I dont remember that.
And,  while you think about West Wing, how about considering how the series would have treated the Benghazi attack.
Would THEY have blamed it on some non-starter demonstration
about a youtube crap video?
Really? And how stupid would they have looked, especially when the people of Libya are almost all on 'our side'?
Then.. there's the pathetic State Dept. apology video

Which seems the more professional?  Obamaville or West Wing.

Yep.. what most of us knew all along. It aint easy being Pres.

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