Monday, September 10, 2012

Stupid Human Tricks: Dressing to Menace and Sue

I dont keep a firearm let alone carry one.   I'm for concealed and even open carry by responsible people. 
I'm against anyone acting like this guy.. who seemed to be dressing for effect.  Wearing camouflage gear, strapped an ak-47 with sawed off stock and full clip then walking through a state park.  
He apparently wants to challenge several laws through the one testing act.

Inviting A “Stop and Frisk” By Openly Carrying an AK-47 Pistol with a Thirty Round Clip In a Public Park: An Unusual Fourth and Second Amendment Case

 How to unite the Brady freaks and NRA, I guess.  The guy might claim  he's doing a good thing...  I dont think he is.  It's against all common sense.  I can't see how it could benefit anyone but the anti-gun people.

It's like those school kids who dressed and acted "Gangsta" at bus stops then got upset and cried racist when Grandma Whitebread was afraid of them.
In my opinion the guy should be brought up on public menacing and his license revoked.
Problem being.. how to prove that.

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