Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mitt Goes 'All-In' with Ryan

First, a prediction:
Expect many Democrat wonks to start pushing for the Obama Campaign to replace Joe Biden. He's a joke, even within the party, and in head to head debate on ANY ISSUE the Democrats pick.. Ryan will grind him up and spit him out.
As another blogger sees it:

- Rightreactions

I'm serious.. you read it here first.

That said.. to get support of the various grass roots Tea Party activists and voters, Romney couldn't have made a better choice. Both Pawlenty and Portman are policy liteweights compared to Ryan.

But unlike the 2008 ticket, where Palin would have been nothing but a cheerleader like Biden is now, this one promises a working partnership.  A good executive doesn't need to know all the facts about everything.. or anything, for that matter.
A good executive only needs to have the vision and execute the vision, leaving the details to his operational staff.
For President Obama that has meant his key cabinet appointments.  And if you need to know where the President really stands, you vet those people.
- Sadly, most people HAVENT read their bio's or noted their politcal positions, prior to joining the executive branch.

What Romney is going to promote is a working team.. in the full sense of the word.  Much like the left claimed Cheney was, Ryan is going to actually be the candidate for 'Chief Operating Officer' of the US.  Those familiar with corporate hierarchies know THAT is the guy who gets things done; as opposed to the Chief Executive Officer who proposes (to the Board or Country in this case) and executes.

It's a dream team in every sense of the word for those who want to save this country's economy.
But it's going to make it harder for Romney to get elected.

Because there is no way to skirt the terrible economic straits we are now in.  And fixing the problems, mainly health care and the deficit, wont be easy... the pain is going to be very much akin to pulling an infected wisdom tooth.

I propose this election is not going to be just about issues and how to resolve them, it's going to test whether or not average voters are as ignorant and fearful as the Democrats think we are.

That's why I say 'Mitt went all in'.  He just made it harder for himself to win the November vote.  
Because if Romney tells the truth he will admit it's going to hurt everyone for a while, and may possibly not work.  Hopefully he will be able to make the case that disaster is certain on this track.
When folks see Ryan point out just how bad things are and the unsustainable direction we are heading at this time.. lots of people will prefer to put disaster off as long as possible.

UPDATE:  An article in points out that even Ryan's budget plans don't really address much of the deficit. Maybe.. but we have to start someplace.

Ryan Plans: Radical or Weak Beer?

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