Sunday, August 19, 2012

Funny.. with Face Palm

Women in Vagina Costumes demand Respect!

If you ever thought Westboro Baptist and Occupy Wall Street couldnt be outdone in invoking Alice in Wonderland logic, you discounted Code Pink..

As a female FB friend said:  "I'm not sure what to think about that"
- exactly!
Even Betty Friedan might wonder.

Seriously.. you couldn't make this stuff up!  Wait.. I guess you could because it is being made up.

Cutter: People Mag ‘equally important’ as WH press corps

Monday Morning in WH Press room:

 What are the President and First Lady's views on whether or not Jennifer Aniston will ever re-marry?

You'll remember Stephanie Cutter from last week's foof where she forgot she was was the one who discovered the steelworker whose wife Romney killed.

Yet MORE lunacy;  this time on the GOP side:

GOP Senate Nominee: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Do Not Get Pregnant

Idiot! And you're running for the Senate. YOUR correct answer is:  "I'm against abortion in all cases but that should be an issue for states to decide."

And let it go at that.  Why?  Because of Federal mandating for provision under health care funding .. we just covered that in the Supreme Court. 

- not to mention that really dodgy position on a woman's body preventing contraception.


If that isn't 'alternate universe' enough for ya.. how about:

Poo Power from your dog


A urine based ‘potion’ can act as a CO2 absorbent

 Now.. the former is ridiculous.  Burning waste and trash for power has been tried countless times and it's money loser EVERY TIME.

The second might work.. if ALL the objectionable aspects can be overcome, however there are many sewage treatment issues actually caused by household water usage reduction, and I'm pretty sure the inventor hasnt addressed those.

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