Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's your world...

Gee.. I havent posted in months.  And I'm starting to overload and annoy my FB friends. So I thought I'd better come back here.
Items of Interest to me:
What has Tebow done to deserve having to play for the Jets?
Hallelujah: Tebow trade to Jets hits a snag

I say this as an atheist, a lifelong Jets “fan,” and a Tebow admirer: If fate intervenes at the last minute to spare this poor kid from having to play for this hopeless loser franchise, it really is a data point in favor of believers...


Onions Make you Cry
What does it mean when real Science Journal articles read like they are trying to compete with 'The Onion'?
You tell me...
Note these are NOT from Onion.. just seem like it.
Climate Science From the Onion?


Related?  Astrology and Climate Change
Doesnt SAY that but it's what it means, IMO. 
Interesting. Makes at least as much sense as Gore's dumb Temp and CO2 chart.
If it's true.. we aint warming, folks. We'll need all the CO2 we can pump out.

Scafetta’s new paper attempts to link climate cycles to planetary motion

 Anthony is.. well.. skeptical


 In 1942 a flight of P38's and B17 crash landed on Greenland ice cap. In 1992 one of the P38 was dug out from under 80 meters of ice. In 2008 another P38 in the same flight was dug out from 100 meters of ice.
Certainly, left alone, those planes will end up in the rocks under the ice cap.

Something to think about, nonetheless.


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