Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NPR, of all media, may help save us yet!

Like most conservatives I developed a deep mistrust of government funded public broadcasting.  The last thing a free society needs is an 'Official News Agency' and that has been borne out time and again by several small scandals within NPR and CPB showing they indeed carried water for 'Progressive' (read Socialist) interests.

But one thing that opened my eyes as to the credibility of NPR in particular was its handling of Congresswoman Giffords' shooting.
Unlike many commercial outlets, specifically the steaming pile at MSNBC, there was no jumping to conclusions as to the agenda and motives of the shooter. Indeed many of the blogs I read, usually labelled 'Right Wing Hatemongers' by the knuckledragging left, linked to NPR's coverage during the immediate hours afterward and not a few praised them for the factual coverage as opposed to fevered speculation that the shooter was somehow tied to Tea Party or Sarah Palin.

Of course it was quickly proven that the guy was simply a mentally ill nutjob despite the local sheriff's attempts to link him somehow to the right.
NPR, however, stayed the course in its news coverage and deserve all credit for not jumping to conclusions based on whatever political views the writers may have had. I, of course, recognize that not all the programming on NPR was as objective but I can separate opinion from news when I see or hear it.

Now that organization has put up several other interesting items of interest to Conservatives and Libertarians:

Complaint Tests Rule Protecting Science From Politics

"The order that President Obama issued in March of 2009 was a better job than I could have written myself. It was quite a bold declaration and we're waiting for it to be filled in," says Jeff Ruch, a lawyer with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a group that helps scientists who feel they're under political pressure.
The Complaint
On Wednesday, Ruch's group is testing some of the government's new protections by filing a complaint with the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C. Earlier this year, it was the first government agency to set up a new system for protecting science.
Ruch's complaint alleges that federal officials with the Bureau of Land Management hired researchers to do a major review of all the different environmental impacts on a half dozen regions in the Western part of the U. S., but directed the scientists to exclude livestock grazing from the analysis.
Government officials said they didn't include livestock grazing from the review because they didn't have the appropriate data. But Ruch doesn't buy it. He says livestock grazing on public land is a touchy subject because any restrictions would affect ranchers.
"To us, this is exactly the sort of abuse that the White House directive was designed to prevent," says Ruch. "And so we will file a formal complaint, under one of the few policies that exist."

Well, exactly.  The time honored political science, practiced by pols of all stripes, of making lofty rules then exempting yourself from them has been done to a T lately, and the present regime is a master at it.. and that's no surprise, considering they have Alinsky's playbook in their hip pocket.

And it's especially significant now that Climategate 2.0 has commenced with yet another leak of emails from the University of East Anglia showing exactly how rotten and corrupt the ties between agenda, funding and moneyed interests are.
But that's an issue already much covered.

Another item of interest revealed by NPR, how cozy the present regime and big Pharma have become. This of course is revealed by the Pharm lobby's perception that they hadnt gotten the deal they bought from congress and the administration. After all, Dubya played ball, why won't the current regime! Well, those guys SHOULD be reading Alinsky,, He set it out plain as day.

Fresh Air: Connecting The Dots Between PhRMA And Congress

and for more:
A search reveals the truth about influence peddling is repeatedly covered on NPR 

Finally, they do a human interest story on the ever-increasing intrusion of do-gooder government into private homes and child-rearing:

Does Milwaukee's Campaign Against Sleeping With Babies Go Too Far?

 Yes.. Milwaukee has actually gone so far as to tell parents they should not allow babies in their beds overnight. Of course they haven't made it an ordnance.. yet.

- I dont believe in bundling babies either, as a rule, but this truly smacks of slippery slope.  Tragic as any individual incident is... I put it down to Darwin. And I am serious.

 So, in summary, being an optimist, I hold out hope that objective journalism is not yet dead, and that nibbling around the edges of these big brother issues will open some eyes and cause those ivory tower journo's to see the truth about their idealogical beliefs.


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