Friday, April 15, 2011

How much longer till AKC comes clean on Rotties and Pit Bulls?

Yet another tragic story of child killed by family pet..

Mom: Baby Attacked, Killed By Dog

Police are investigating the death of a 7-month-old baby whose mother said was attacked by the family dog.

Katrina Mitchell called 911 Tuesday afternoon saying her infant daughter had been attacked by the family's Rottweiler.

This is a tragic story, yet anecdotal, and we only hear about these things because of the ubiquitous capacities of the internet. But one thing is clear when you read enough of them; you never hear that the family Jack Russell Terrier, or Labrador Retriever attacked the baby. Last one I recall that was not a Pit Bull or Rottweiler was a Great Dane. And while it MAY have happened, I cannot remember a family German Shepherd (Alsatian} attacking a child.
Dog 'Experts' explain the attacks by those two ferocious breeds away by saying they were improperly trained or socialized.
Sorry but Bullshit! We all can't ship our puppies off to Cesar Millan to be trained properly.

When our kids were young, and my wife and I were still dumb, we brought a yearling German Shepherd into our house and thought it was cute when the toddler, still mostly a crawler, grabbed the new dog by the jaw and tried to drag it towards him. The 90 pound Shepherd just put up with it while looking at us with pleading eyes.
We had both heard that Shepherds were great with kids. Neither one of us had studied up, we just knew it.
- I mentioned this to the previous owner, a coworker, and remarked he must have been around little kids before and he said, "No, that's just the way way they are."
On the other hand the dog went ballistic when the postman walked down the sidewalk, and we never could get him to not do that or, at least, not bark like crazy.

NOW some people accept the words of dog 'experts' that Pit Bull and Rottweiler instinctual behavior can somehow be trained out. Or the implication that all dogs are susceptible to this. And the Dog Whisperer MAY be right that expert training and socialization can make the Pit Bull a safe family member. Somehow I dont think he would say the same about a Rottweiler.

And dfor the same reason you are warned that you cannot keep a jungle animal as a pet because, in the end, sometimes evolutionary behavior wins out at unpredictable moments.
While I wouldn't even trust a Shepherd, given my now more mature sensibilities, I would still trust a baby with a wolf I adopted from the wild, more than I would with a Rottweiler. If you know anything about the canine class, you would too.

Anyone says different.. Sorry you are, potentially, deadly stupid.

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