Saturday, April 16, 2011

.. and if you can't teach it, regulate it

Not always a good idea to match up a bureaucrat with a politician/lawyer/small businessman, that has more than half a brain.

Easy pickin's ... courtesy  HotAir

Of course they don't look at jobs, they just look at political leverage and tax/fee/fine possibilities.

Nor do they even attempt to address the Cost of Living multiplier effect of any energy tax.
- If tax adds one cent at the beginning of a product's supply chain, it's probably 10 cents or more at the end of it.

This tax and regulation environment explains why there's a freaking mob rush of even 'Green' industries to get out of California.

Calif. ‘Disinvestment Events’ Reach New High As Companies Opt for Other States, Nations 

California is experiencing the fastest rate of of companies relocating to out-of-state or out-of-country locations since a specialized tracking system was put into place two years ago. The disturbing trend is reflected in a review of activity from Jan. 1 through April 15 of this year when 70 California company disinvestment events occurred, an average of 4.7 per week -- greater than the 3.9 average per week last year.

Unfortunately, the stage is set for California to lose additional companies, capital and jobs in the future. That's because the business environment worsened yesterday when Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a requirement
that utilities obtain one-third of the state’s electricity from renewable sources. California companies, which already pay 50% more for electricity than companies in other states, can expect costs to increase by another 19% in some places to a whopping 74% in Los Angeles. Such new burdens along with upcoming regulations stemming from the “California Global Warming Solutions Act” set potentially overwhelming obstacles to companies here as they try to meet competition based in other states and in foreign nations.
A moving van filled with machinery from a Fortune 500 firm may be followed by another loaded with items from a small family-run company. Relocating in full or in part happens with all types of companies in all types of industries - even “green” solar and wind companies.


Also provides a list and circumstances of those companies


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