Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Murtha: When is it dared to compare?....

Jack Murtha has come out of nowhere in the last months as a spokesman for capitulation in Iraq.

He is given credence, and some respite from outright criticism, because of his record as a decorated Marine Officer. Yet his solution to Iraq is hardly in keeping with any military tactic taught anywhere, unless the strategy is to retreat to "Fortress America"
See 'Powerline' posting

I would like to remind everyone that Benedict Arnold was ALSO a higly regarded and decorated war veteran..

He just didnt think he'd gotten his proper rewards and recognition; and he thought the British would win out, in the end.

So I... this humble Joe-Blow in flyover country... will add Murtha's name to the list that is compared to Benedict Arnold and 'Quisling' in the ranks of those who submit for personal gain and politics.... oh, wait, they ARE the same, arent they!

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