Monday, December 05, 2005

Hypocritonia II

Along with the previous notes, I am often amused by the ease in which the 'civilian' Liberal will slip into gay-bashing.

If the gay community is one of the staunchest supporter groups of Liberal causes, then why is it "That's just GAY!" is used so much?

Why is the suspicion that a politician of the right is 'gay' is so often pronounced by a lib commenter?

Because there's still a stigma in being gay... or because he's in the closet? I dont think so.. I think the key is in the use of expletives in particular the 'F' bomb.. while we ALL tend to use that too much, the word itself should only be used in tender moments when you really think about it.

Come to that.. I'm thinking there's too much sexual reference in all political discourse.. maybe hetero's should stay in the closet, as well.

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