Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Best Blogger, EVER, in my whole mind!

.. to put things in perspective, is this retired LA Cop blogger:

Brutality was what {Democratic} Mayor Tom Bradley encouraged from LA cops throughout the 1980s. At the time, we couldn?t understand why Bradley?s Police Commission required us to use metal pipes on psychotic arrestees; nor did we know why Bradley forced the LAPD to welcome incompetent applicants, gang members, and drug dealers into our ranks as police officers in the name of diversity. After a while, I found that the more LA cops were viewed as thugs and criminals, the wider the chasm grew between the LAPD and the community we served, and the stronger LA liberals became politically.

Hmmm... not that I REALLY believe in that whole conspiracy thing... oh, wait, that's what I've been saying for years!
- read the whole thing for other significant background

Then, there is This, On War...
Some years ago, my partner and I responded to a domestic violence call. When we met the battered and shaken woman, she described how she was beaten and choked as her adult son stole her money and jewelry. After stripping the wedding ring from her finger, he left her bloody, bruised, and crying on the kitchen floor.

As we completed our report, the son returned. When we tried to arrest him he began to struggle against us. Fueled by PCP and cocaine, the man was almost impossible to control. When my partner and I pulled him onto the living room floor the fight was ON with no rules, no help, and no recourse. We were alone with a deranged man who wanted to kill us.

We were at war.

Don?t hurt my son!

As we grappled and fought with the desperate man, his mother closed in and began to kick, pull, and tug at our arms. She was a nice lady who meant well. She didn?t like violence and didn?t want anyone to get hurt. But by interfering with our attempts to control her son, she endangered herself, her son, and those who had come to protect her.

As the woman screamed and fought, she emboldened her son to resist further. By interfering with those who had come to defend her, our victim had become our enemy. Had Democrats conducted a poll, 100% of the residents would have viewed us as occupiers.

Which brings us to this letter to Senator Pelosi on the GOP 'Bird-Flu Scheme'.

All the corporate greed and avarice, lamentable and outrageous as it is, cannot equal the harm done by the cynical manipulation and exploitation of the disadvantaged in order to gain and retain political power.

Because there are non-political checks on the abuse of corporate power.... there seem to be few on the Jesse Jacksons and Chuck Schumers of the world.

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