Sunday, November 20, 2005

Malkin and the "informed Left"...

One of the striking features of leftist blogs like DailyKos and Democratic Underground is, that the more passionate you are, the more expletives and slurs are thrown into your opinion.

Enough "F-bombs" and SURELY world opinion will be swayed. The second is to cast slurs on those who have diametrically opposite views. And, never mind debating the issue, better to attack the messenger... especially if she is a representative of a minority who by rights should be on "the side of reason". Michelle Malkin's had more than her share of these.. after all she would be the poster child of women's Lib, she's the main breadwinner in her household, her husband support everything she undertakes and she's intelligent and witty with a good camera presence... unfortunately, she's also a Conservative and makes NO pretense of being anything else.

So.. she must be a "yellow whore" who, like a puppet, only parrots her fascist hubby's views... after all she's a woman so it must be hubby that writes all that.
Finally Michelle has had enough. JUST A YELLOW WOMAN DOING A WHITE MAN'S JOB

Good for her.. but it will only inflame the moonbats more... they absolutely HATE being called on their hypocrisy.

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