Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Condi strikes fear into the hearts of mortals...

Evidently 2008 is just around the corner.

The subtleties of media and SIG spin, are starting to hit home like a ton of bricks:

As seen in USAToday

From ThePen has an interesting finding on just how easy it is for a file photo to accidently fall into the Photoshop tank at USA Today.
Before the 'slip-up'

This is a good followup to a Wash Post article taking Condi to task for not being militant and bitter about her childhood in Birmingham... almost stating, flatly, that MS Rice was in denial.. nevermind she has publicly spoken of her father guarding his church with a rifle and of the loss of her playmate in the bombing.What Rice Can't See

By Eugene Robinson

Tuesday, October 25, 2005; Page A21

Rice's parents tried their best to shelter their only daughter from Jim Crow racism, and they succeeded. Forty years later, Rice shows no bitterness when she recalls her childhood in a town whose streets were ruled by the segregationist police chief Bull Connor. "I've always said about Birmingham that because race was everything, race was nothing," she said in an interview on the flight home.

When she reminisces, she talks of piano lessons and her brief attempt at ballet -- not of Connor setting his dogs loose on brave men, women and children marching for freedom, which is the Birmingham that other residents I met still remember. A friend of Rice's, Denise McNair, was one of the four girls killed in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. That would have left a deep scar on me, but Rice can speak of that atrocity without visible emotion.

Perhaps Ms Rice has let the examples of her childhood motivate... rather than define.. her life? Don't we ALL wish we could do that?

One MIGHT suspect that the writer REALLY feels that Rice is corrupt... else how could she possibly be a conservative. And part of this administration.

What do we call someone, on the other hand, who constantly brings up the torturous events of childhood as the modus agendi for their current beliefs and actions?

What do we call someone who uses a platform of striving for "equal rights" and acceptance... yet constantly points out that their constituency has special needs and deserves special recognition?

In benign cases, we might call them neurotic...

Omen Update:

USAToday installed the original phot, with an apology.
Editor's note: The photo of Condoleezza Rice that originally accompanied this story was altered in a manner that did not meet USA TODAY's editorial standards. The photo has been replaced by a properly adjusted copy. Photos published online are routinely cropped for size and adjusted for brightness and sharpness to optimize their appearance. In this case, after sharpening the photo for clarity, the editor brightened a portion of Rice's face, giving her eyes an unnatural appearance. This resulted in a distortion of the original not in keeping with our editorial standards.

Uh..okay. Now lets look at those two again... I'm sorry but I dont see how it could have been anything but intentional.
Anyone who's messed with image altering software knows it can be tricky, BUT that's why you look at it after the edit... to make sure it didnt do something unintended.

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