Saturday, December 31, 2016

I'm Ba-a-a-ck!

After a REAL long hiatus, where I thought Facebook, and an occasional rant on a Soccer site would do, my interest in political commentary has been renewed by the fact that the 'Deplorable Yokel Racist, Sexist, homophobic flyovers' finally got fed up with the precious Snowflake touchy feely craptastic Social Justice Warriors of the Left and voted to  'Drain the Swamp'.
Well, that aint gonna happen.  You know it, I know it... and most everyone complaining about Trump knows it. But it's just so much fun watching these intellectually inbred babies cry when someone borrows their rattle.

Just to refresh you on my political views. Trumps a narcissistic jerk and he mouths off for effect.  But the people who voted for him deserve their day .. they attended Tea Party rallies. Elected people who mostly turned their back on them, once they got in the Georgetown Cocktail Party crowd.
They got even!
More to come
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